Ten Tips for Dressing Your Big Butt

"Show off your beautiful, big bottom and look the best you can be with these ten styling tips."

Express yourself like J-lo

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In a world that seems increasingly tailored to skinny, straight up-and-down type figures, it can be hard to know how to dress to impress if you are blessed with a curvaceous waist and hips. But the truth is, your big butt is gorgeous and totally worth showing off! Here are ten top tips for choosing gorgeous clothes that will flatter your body shape and draw attention to all your most beautiful curves and edges.

1. Wear light, non-bulky fabrics

Dress your curves with thin, flattering materials that don’t appear big on your body. Some fabrics are thick and stiff by nature - think thick leathers, stiff tweed, heavy woollen knits, etc. These are all hard to wear and they add a few inches to the waistline. So why hide your sexy curves under layers of cloth, when something lighter is almost always more flattering and probably more comfortable too! Chiffon is always a gorgeous option for a pretty top, and thin denims dress your hips well.

2. Draw attention to the waist

If you have a big butt, your waist is probably gorgeous too. Pick out a wardrobe of short tops that cut in at the waistline, drawing attention to the curve of your hips. Tops and jackets with ¾ length sleeves are also great for this since the fabric on your arms brings the eyes to your midriff.

Accentuate your waistline

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3. Keep it simple on the bottom half

Keep the bottom half of your outfits simple and streamlined. Keep the colors darker than on your top half and try to avoid ruching, horizontal stripes or added design features. This will draw attention to the brighter parts of your outfit, leaving your legs to speak for themselves. Finish the look off with an elegant heel and get ready to shine.

4. You’ve got it, so flaunt it

You are a curvaceous woman with an enviable derriere, so why not show it off? Go out and treat yourself to something truly sexy that makes you feel as gorgeous as you are. Buy cuts that hug and skim your curves in all the right places, without being clingy. And go wild with the tight-fitted look - your curves are made for tight, figure-hugging clothes!

5. Tailor your wardrobe

The answer to a perfect fit is to find a tailor whom you love, and work with her on your wardrobe. The main difficulty can be in the design work - it can be overwhelming to pick cuts, material, pattern, etc. How do you know what you like until you see it? Luckily there are many examples of other people's designs online to use as a guide, and most tailors will make a point of guiding you through the process.

6. Balance your figure

Just like an hourglass, you want your look to be wide at both the top and the bottom. Use broad shouldered jackets, go crazy with shoulder pads, make the most of angular shirts and cute, edge-sleeved tops to give your shoulders a beautiful fullness, ideal for overall figure balance.

7. Keep it trim up top

Wear tops that keep close to the small of your back, where it starts to curve inward like a backwards C. Avoid any shirt or jacket that’s baggy and stops at the fullest part of your hips - these kinds of tops totally hide some of the best and most beautiful parts of your figure!

8. Get into pencil skirts

No matter what anyone says, a pencil skirt can only be a good thing for you. Shapely hips and a nice, womanly butt fill out a pencil skirt beautifully. Therefore, ladies, embrace the pencil skirt in all its variations and show off that hourglass frame. Just make sure the fit of the skirt works with your body - it shouldn’t be too tight in the hips or too loose at the waist. Most of the time, you will have to buy the skirt at the store, and get it altered with a tailor. The effort is well-worth the put-together look!

Choose cuts that hug your curves

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9. It’s all in the details

It’s the same with everything - the more attention you pay to the details, the more finished the outcome. Some seemingly “small” tips can make all the difference in the end. For example, wear pointy-toed shoes rather than rounded ones to lengthen the leg line, or only accessorize the area you want to draw attention to. Try wearing slender stiletto heels to elongate your calves, avoid chunky rings as they draw attention to your hips and legs when your hands are by your sides and keep your jewelry up top, elegant and light.

10. Be proud!

The best way to dress your lovely hips is to be proud of it. Confidence is more beautiful than anything you could buy or paint onto yourself, and a genuine smile is thousands of times more attractive than a pair of perfect, but pouty lips. Stand straight and tall, shoulders back and neck strong - this will give your silhouette confidence and strength, and will accentuate your curves. Standing with your shoulders hunched only hides your shapely body. Just be yourself and enjoy yourself, and you will shine.

Think outside the box

All of these points are great in principle, but the fact remains that it can be hard to find the kinds of cuts and styles that you want. This, friends, is not fair! Why shouldn’t you decorate your luscious curves with clothes that fit you perfectly? At Rita & Phill, we truly believe that every woman should, and can, have a wardrobe that makes them excited to wake up and get dressed. Each skirt we make is custom tailored to your unique curves. Our team analyzes your measurements, along with your height, to find the best way to cut your skirt pattern. Our goal is to enhance or minimize in the right places, giving you a skirt that not only fits perfectly, it also makes your curves look that much better!